The future of the tobacco industry is all about innovation, harm reduction and informed consumer choice.

At SIJARA we are enthusiastic about the future, we are committed to the new generations and we are guided by the objectives of our vision. We know that our business will be transformed and that we will be a fundamental part of the changes.

SIJARA - World Class Company

Our leadership team is made up of dedicated, focused, and experienced people. With a vision of the future, they work with each other and with our collaborators and partners. Our knowledge and experience make the difference in satisfying all of our stakeholders: clients, consumers, authorities, investors and society.

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In today’s complex and challenging world, the policies, principles, and programs that guide how we work are more important than ever. Links are reinforced with a sense of belonging, common goals, identity and trust. More than a company, what we aspire to form is a corporate community.