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Sustainability and Responsible Operation

Currently the values of the tobacco industry are not the same as 50 years ago, SIJARA is a contemporary company, which is governed by respect for three fundamental axes, which in short constitute the ideal of sustainability:


At SIJARA we privilege sustainable development, we are committed to the well-being of future generations.
At SIJARA we care that the environment that surrounds our fields is not damaged. The wooden structures necessary for drying tobacco are made with trees from the region and their felling is duly regulated.
All the plastic material used in the harvest is recycled, we keep the field clean.
Another of SIJARA’s concerns is the responsible use of agrochemicals, which is why we safely store these substances in special containers and the correct use of protective suits is mandatory. We guarantee the delivery of protective equipment to farmers.


At SIJARA we have two main concerns: emission control and efficient use of resources.
We have equipment that allows us to regulate emissions into the atmosphere, which considerably reduces the impact on the environment.
A constant task is to monitor the efficiency of our combustion equipment so that it optimizes fuel consumption.
At SIJARA we are aware of the high energy consumption involved in our process. We have indicators and instruments that help us measure energy consumption all the time.
We use smart luminaires and constantly renew our equipment to guarantee the best technology available.
We know that the issue of water is important at a global level, which is why at SIJARA we have flow controllers and we constantly monitor that there are no leaks.


A company’s success is measured by what it gives back to its community. At SIJARA we are a family.
We care about the well-being of our collaborators, both direct and external.
We offer sustenance to many families, we promote producers and we strengthen the Mexican economy.