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Secondary Process

Constantly evolving processes.

We put special care in monitoring and ensuring quality in all processes, including those that precede the maquila of cigarettes, as is the case of the acquisition of supplies with suppliers that offer raw material of the best quality in the market.

Secondary Process Details
Cutting edge technology and the most advanced methods.
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    The first section of this process begins by sending the stranded tobacco through a mechanical-pneumatic system to the cigarette-making machines. Each machine receives the precise tobacco mixture according to the brand that will be produced; All of our machines, as they have the latest technology, have a production capacity of up to 10,000 cigarettes per minute.

  • Form

    The production module is made up of cigarette making machines and filter assembly machines, the first ones form the tobacco rod that is wrapped in a special paper and is cut with millimeter accuracy as needed by the product to be made, for their part, the assembly machines cut the filter rod and assembles it to the tobacco rod segment to obtain the desired cigarette.

  • Filter

    Our filters are manufactured in the factory in a process very similar to that of cigarettes, using cellulose acetate wick and paper as raw materials, materials that guarantee filtering and are an important part of the smoking characteristics of each brand.

  • Pack

    Our packaging machines process 300 packs per minute in an automated manner, 20 cigarettes at a time are wrapped in aluminum foil and inserted into the pack, which has a cardboard reinforcement in order to provide shape, support and resistance, then the packs they go to the overwrapping machine where they are wrapped with polypropylene and a self-strip of the same material is placed on it, specially designed to offer our consumers comfort and simplicity in opening each pack.

  • Storage

    Proper vacuum sealing of the polypropylene is essential to retain adequate moisture in the tobacco and preserve the freshness, aroma and flavor characteristics of the cigarettes. Finally, the packs are sent to the packaging machine where they are organized in groups of ten and wrapped in polypropylene, to later be placed in boxes. These boxes are identified with the brand of the product they contain inside for their correct identification and storage in our finished product warehouses.

All our products have been conceived, designed and produced with the primary purpose of offering our adult consumers the excellence, variety and superior quality that they deserve.

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