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Primary Process

The best, right from the start.

The entirety of this stage is dedicated to the preparation of all the different combinations of our tobacco varieties, in which the final blends are obtained that end up determining the aroma, body and characteristic flavor of each one of our products.

Primary Process Details
Our wide variety of tobacco blends.
  • Conditioning

    The process begins with the addition of tobacco in a certain sequence, to be prepared in the terms of optimal temperature and humidity that are required, along with this conditioning and depending on the type of tobacco, natural ingredients are added that have the function of flavor and aroma enhancers of the puff. It should be noted that, to some varieties of tobacco, the only additional ingredient that is added is water.

  • Repose

    Once the tobacco conditioning process has been fully completed, it is deposited in leaf mixture silos to let it rest and achieve homogenization after being in the mixture silos for a certain time.

  • Chop

    After resting and having the tobacco in a more homogeneous proportion, it later goes to the chopping process, in which the tobacco acquires the dimensions and the shape of the thread necessary to start with the elaboration of cigarettes.

  • Dry

    The tobacco, once chopped, goes through the drying stage, where its humidity level is modified once again until it reaches the ideal level for its packaging and guarantees its stability, freshness and conservation.

  • Blend

    Once the new humidity adjustment has been achieved in the tobacco, essences are applied that contribute, just like the natural ingredients, to the balance, flavor and aroma of each puff.

  • Packaging

    Once the above is completed and prior to its packaging, the tobacco strand is again stored in silos and left to rest a second time.

    Having been packed, the tobacco strand is stored under controlled conditions of humidity and temperature, ready to be sent to the secondary process.

In SIJARA we have the best industrial manufacturing processes and the highest technology machinery, considered the most advanced in all of Latin America for the processing, manufacturing and packaging of cigarettes.

Production Team
SIJARA International Manufacturing