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Where We Go

An ongoing commitment

Our corporate community, SIJARA, has a very clear goal: to innovate the social group, in all the activities we carry out.

To do this, we not only comply with the regulations of the industry, but we are at the forefront and set the tone for the transformations that will define the future of tobacco.

Our products will be less and less harmful to consumers.

Our activities will leave a footprint of sustainability, not degradation.

Our collaborators will enjoy a working environment that protects them.

Our team will enjoy superior benefits on a sustained basis.



We work so that our manufactured products are less and less harmful to consumers, according to scientific criteria and technology applied to agro-industrial production.

We believe that tobacco should be produced with less risk to consumers’ health than it is today. What is needed is to apply new technologies, innovate and promote research in this field. We are committed to scientific, agro-industrial, genetic and biochemical development, because it is the way to the future of tobacco.


Our activities will leave the mark of sustainability, not degradation, according to measurable indicators and with the advice of experts in ecology and habitat recovery.

Climate change and global warming are inescapable realities that all areas of the industry must address. The common thing has been to assume that any production process leaves an impact on the environment. But we believe that this impact can be positive, not just negative. We call this “sustainability footprint”. Our objective is that SIJARA’s activities continue collaborating with the preservation, recovery and improvement of the habitat, in a proactive way, not only reactively. With professional advice, we support international efforts to face the effects of climate change.


It is essential that our collaborators enjoy a work environment that makes them stay with us, grow and find prosperity for themselves and their families.

Our community will continue to strengthen its links, so that all of us who are part of SIJARA have a strong sense of belonging, common goals, empathy towards others and a shared identity. SIJARA collaborators will be part of our community for many years, decades or throughout their professional career. The opportunities and work environment at SIJARA will attract talent and enhance the skills of the people who work on this project.


Our company, in all its areas, will operate under the same high-level processes and procedures scheme, in functional facilities, with state-of-the-art technology and in an environment of safety, ergonomics and efficiency.

Technology continues to advance and all companies in all branches of industry have the challenge of not being left behind. The gap and technological backwardness are real possibilities. If companies do not take care that their equipment, their processes and their facilities are always at the forefront, they run the risk of being overtaken by the competition and by the pace of development. At SIJARA, we will always be one step ahead, because not only do we have the most advanced, but we will constantly promote innovation. SIJARA will be an example of a community and company that sets the pace not only nationally and regionally but also globally.

The knowledge society, the internet of things, connectivity and artificial intelligence require an amazing ability to adapt from all economic actors. The tobacco industry is no exception, so all of us who make up this community have a clear strategy for SIJARA to fully incorporate itself into new contexts and environments.

Innovation Team
SIJARA International Manufacturing