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About Us

SIJARA is an international company, made up of a community that produces high-quality products in the tobacco industry, following the guidelines of social responsibility, sustainability, corporate success and the satisfaction of our employees, partners and adult consumers.

A community links people with common interests and goals that define who they are and what they do.

To say that we are a corporate community, means that we are dedicated to building links, not just relationships. And that among those of us who are part of Sijara there is a shared vision of what we are and what we want to become. It is vital for us that a sense of belonging is developed not only among collaborators, but also with partners and all of us who, in one way or another, are part of this company.

In this community we strive to meet the expectations of the stakeholders in our business, especially customers, with whom we are committed to offering the best service, the best manufactures and adult consumer items.

We respect our product, tobacco, and its centuries-old tradition. We know its history, its origin, its uses, its characteristics and the high cultural value it has for the peoples of Latin America and the Caribbean. SIJARA’s business design is centered on making tobacco with the reverence and enthusiasm of people who have dedicated their lives to perfecting processes and achieving excellence in this industry.

Tobacco is not only a product, it is a cultural element that has defined our collective identity for centuries.

SIJARA is a socially responsible company and community. We understand our role as part of Mexico, the Latin American region and the global environment. We are not satisfied with strictly complying with the rules, but rather we adapt our activities towards a sustainable, fairer and more equal future.

All SIJARA activity complies with the first level international standards that govern the manufacture of tobacco, from agribusiness to distribution, through manufacturing, high engineering and technological development.

All our processes are subject to strict quality controls and continuous improvement, in accordance with innovation and the efficient use of resources.

Sustainability must guide the operations of any socially responsible company.

At SIJARA we know that the best way to predict the future is to create it, that is why, together with our collaborators and partners, we build a community open to the future, which recognizes its place in the history of the industry and in the present of the business, to the time that is placed at the forefront and outlines the path to follow.

We are successful and we have the knowledge, experience and instruments to achieve corporate and financial viability, but also to grow in a sustained manner. We carry our numbers with professional criteria. We constantly monitor the figures and permanently report the situation to our team. We give certainty, we create bonds of trust and we generate income for everyone.

We know that success comes when the expectations of all those who have to do with a project are met. It is also a habit that develops along with excellence.

Our products are placed in the local, national and export markets, we are a community that is rooted in tobacco traditions from Mexico and Latin America. At the same time, we are a community that grows, diversifies and crosses borders. As for centuries, tobacco unites people from different cultures, countries and continents.

SIJARA would not make sense without the people who make it up, the collaborators, partners, investors, customers and consumers. Our stakeholders give us meaning and direction. Meeting their interests, demands and expectations is the essence of our corporate community.

The essence of Sijara is in its collaborators.

Sijara’s engine is in its partners and investors.

Sijara’s determination is in its clients.

Sijara’s commitment is with society.