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High Engineering

“Our commitment to the application of engineering at the highest level extends to all the stages that are part of our processes.”

Our commitment to the application of engineering of the highest level is not only focused on the processes and machinery present in the production line inside our facilities, but also extends to all the stages that are part of the process necessary for a leaf of the tobacco plant ends up converted into our cigarette.

We invest in research and encourage the use of innovative and better methods of cultivation of our raw material, tobacco, to raise its quality and make it possible to deliver better end products to our customers, avoiding as far as possible the use of pesticides and other harmful products for the environment and the final consumer. We make use of the application of scientific and technological advances in the areas of sowing-planting, cultivation, care and harvesting of our raw material, as well as its improvement at the genetic level and the mitigation of any adverse environmental impact.

In the same way, we allocate resources to obtain, improve, and maintain adequate vehicles for the correct loading, transportation, conservation, and delivery of our raw material while it is in transit to our maquila facilities.

Since the first Industrial Revolution, an event that accelerated the processes of evolution in the technical and material capacity of our civilization, it has become more evident that access to better technology and specialized knowledge play in favor of competitors who are able to afford their obtaining, or better yet, its invention and development.

With the passage of time, the pace of technical-scientific evolution was shortening the space between its leaps forward, to the point where practically every week or every day it is possible to find out about discoveries, inventions or improvements developed in all branches of industry. , science and applied technology.

At SIJARA we are fully aware of this reality, which is why we have the best and most advanced manufacturing processes, since each of the procedures and stages that make up our production chain are carefully and conscientiously designed, with the possibility always present to adopt new methodological and technological advances, as well as improve existing ones, complying with the most demanding and detailed standards in the tobacco industry and engineering to resist wear and the most drastic operating conditions.

We invest in machinery that supports constant long-term production activity, considered the most advanced in the region for the processing, manufacturing and packaging of cigarettes and certified with the highest levels of reliability, durability, resistance, safety, productivity, and sustainability, properties characteristics of the standards that we seek in our inputs and that are reflected in our final product.

The well-being and safety of our staff is a vital part of the design of our processes, which is why we have all the protection and safety measures that guarantee the integrity of our workers in each of the areas that make us up.

We comply with the most rigorous safety standards, we are constantly training, updating and evaluating, in this way we ensure that only the best trained personnel participate in the production processes, especially those that require surveillance and maintenance of specialized automation machinery.