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Our Leadership

High Performance Teams

The leaders of SIJARA are people of proven ability in the field of their competence. But, more importantly, they are human beings of integrity, with solid values, who share the vision of the company and are fully committed to the short, medium and long-term objectives.

Our leadership team is made up of dedicated, focused and experienced individuals. With a vision of the future, they work with each other and with our collaborators and partners. Their knowledge and experience make the difference to satisfy all our stakeholders: clients, consumers, authorities, investors and society as a whole.

The executives of our team of leaders have extensive experience in different branches of industry, administration, financial markets, public communication, agribusiness and human resources. They are people with diverse backgrounds and who work in different areas, including asset management, banking, consulting, private equity and technology.

The common purpose of the team is to deliver real and sustainable value to our clients, our shareholders and our community.

Leadership is the exceptional ability to influence the way others think and act. Where there’s a group, there’s a leader. And where a good leader is, there are chances of success. The leader is not above the members of a team, he is together with them, uniting wills and reinforcing convictions.